Forklift Stackers

Fork Over Manual Stacker Load Capacity

Fork Over Stackers by Southworth are designed for lifting and raising open bottom pallets, skids, or containers. These forklift stacker lifts are highly maneuverable and can lift capacities ranging from 2,200 to 3,000 pounds with the PML-30-36-MEPML-30-47-ME, and PML-30-63-ME models. The hydraulic lift can rise to a lifting height of 36" to 80" with the PML-22-80-ME Stacker

Forklift Stacker Ergonomic Design

Each Southworth Forklift Stacker is built with a rugged, ergonomic design. These high-quality Fork Over Stackers include an ergonomically designed handle that can be conveniently used by the operator to maneuver the stacker. A spring-loaded handle with control is contoured for ergonomic conditioning and is easy to operate. Effortlessly move the forklift stacker up and down with a simple press of a button on the control. These industrial stackers can raise pallets and containers to a suitable level for personnel to work off of and conveniently reach.

Forklift Stacker Maneuverability

These Southworth Forklift Stackers are highly maneuverable even in small congested areas. The handle turns both the wheels and the caster of the unit. This allows you to push or pull the forklift stacker wherever you point the handle. These models also include a convenient break mechanism which locks into the floor to keep the stacker from rolling away. 

Fork Lift Stacker Power and Battery Recharging

Each Fork Lift Stacker is powered with a 12 V DC deep draw marine battery with built-in charger. The integral battery charger makes recharging the stacker easy, and you can check the battery indicator to view the status of any charge. It takes a great deal of power to use a hydraulic lift equipment for large capacities. To further save energy, the battery motor will only run when raising or lowering the forklift stacker.