Palletizing and Warehousing

The natural steps taken after a product has been manufactured are to package the product, palletize it, and store it until it’s ready to be shipped. Handling Concepts offers Palletizing and Warehousing material handling equipment to help with this process.

Packaging and Palletizing Equipment

Packaging and palletizing products typically involves heavy, awkward lifts and/or repetitive motions, all of which are ergonomic nightmares that can result in worker injury or fatigue. Handling Concepts has assisted in these processes by installing overhead lifting solutions, custom manipulators, and lift tables to help the operator work in a safer, more efficient manner.

Warehousing Solutions for Your Workplace

Storing products has its own unique challenges and presents manufacturers with a variety of questions: How do I store material? How can I optimize my space? How will product come in and out – what is my flow? Handling Concepts is here to help you find the answers to all of those questions! From a small section of selective pallet rack to a massive flow rack system, we have the ability to design, manufacture, and install the right storage solution for you.

If you are having issues packaging, palletizing, or storing your products, give us call to find out how we can help! Handling Concepts offers a wide range of equipment solutions for a variety of different manufacturing industries!

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