Lift Tables and Tilt Tables

Choose from our wide selection of Southworth Lift Tables perfect for loading materials in your industrial work setting. These hydraulic lift tables are built specifically to meet the needs of your job in terms of load capacity, lift height, and other specifications. From our LS Series Southworth Lifts to our Tandem Lift Tables, we have the lift tables you need to improve production and safety in your workplace.

Handling Concepts offers a range of Southworth Lift Tables to accommodate the load size of your task and the budget of your project. From portable light duty lift tables to heavy duty hydraulic lift tables, you will be sure to find a quality lift table designed specifically for the industrial field.

Equipment Lift Table Details:

A lifting table (also known as an equipment lift table or elevating cart) is an industrial device that utilizes a (commonly hydraulic) powered mechanism to raise and lower large, heavy loads a short distance. Lifting tables are one of the most useful material handling products available and can be customized and optimized for a wide variety of specific industrial applications. An equipment lift table can be hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, manual, spring-powered, or battery powered.