Bridge Cranes

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Workstation Bridge Cranes

Our selection of Bridge Cranes are used to easily move loads across a linear path and can cover various work stations and link work together. These can be used individually or integrated in a more complex way to link activities. Workstation Cranes are a great way to increase productivity, quality, and safety in the workplace. 

Advantages of Workstation Bridge Cranes:

  • Install flexibility: These are ideal for changing workloads and easily relocated, making them the perfect crane for rented facilities. 
  • Workstation Bridge Cranes can load up to 2 tons, Freeing-up your existing overhead cranes for larger loads. 
  • Supplement or replace multiple jib cranes and/or forklifts.
  • Eliminate manual lifting: empower a single worker to move loads from one work station to another.
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