Permanent Overhead Systems

Ceiling Mounted Monorail

Ceiling Mounted Monorails attach to existing overhead structures to provide you with fall protection in a single line.

Traveling Bridge

Traveling Bridge systems can be suspended from existing overhead structures or come with their own freestanding support framework. The traveling bridge provides coverage in a larger area when compared to a monorail, while minimizing the potential for swing in the event of a fall.

Inverted L

The Inverted L system is great for use in rail yards, truck tarping areas, and other applications where columns need to be set back and away from the work area.


Inverted U

Inverted U systems provide the same coverage as an Inverted L system but have additional supports that reduce the foundation size required. These are commonly used when working on railcars, trucks, and machinery in industry.


T Frame

T Frame systems give you the ability to work in two parallel bays with a single line of columns running between them. These are great for side-by-side truck lanes and railcar loading bays.

Post Suspension

Post Suspension systems provide the same fall protection coverage as Inverted L and Inverted U systems but only require a single column. This is great for installing in spots where floor space is at a premium or objects prevent the use of multiple columns.


Freestanding Swing Arm

Freestanding Swing Arms are jib crane style fall arrest systems that provide users with a full 360 degree coverage area around the center column.


Column Mounted Swing Arm

Column Mounted Swing Arms provide 180 degree of coverage area. These mount directly to existing building or structural columns, eliminating the need for a costly foundation.



Fold-Away systems are used when a fixed overhead monorail is needed for fall protection but would interfere with other everyday operations. These systems are extended out over equipment when in use and folded in and out of the way when not in use. These are commonly used in areas where overhead cranes service the same area that requires fall protection.


All images are courtesy of Rigid Lifelines, Inc, a division of Spanco, Inc.

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