Dandy Lift Lifter/Transporters

Dandy Lift™ Lifter/Transporters
A Dandy Lift™ for Every Application

These inexpensive lifter/transporters from Southworth make any job easier. The Dandy Lift™ is essential wherever lifting, positioning, assembling, stacking, unstacking, transporting, or the need for an adjustable height work surface is part of the job. Use them in factories, offices, stores, warehouses, repair shops, garages, nurseries—anywhere.

Built Better in Every Way
Here are a few reasons why Dandy Lifts™ are the world’s best lifter/transporters:

  • Durable enamel paint and chrome finish
  • Steerable caster-type wheels
  • Multi-Grip position, contoured handle
  • Qwik-Grip lowering handle
  • 180° access foot pump pedal
  • Foot activated parking lock
  • Infinite height adjustment within range
  • 20:1 mechanical advantage hydraulics

Powered Dandy Lifts™
Raise and Lower Loads at the Touch of a Button

Powered Dandy Lifts™ build on a 35 year heritage of quality. They lift and lower at the touch of a button providing the ultimate in ergonomics and convenience. Their clean, quiet, user-friendly design make them ideal for high-tech, industrial, retail, and even office environments. Uses include stock rooms, tool rooms, electronic assembly areas, shipping rooms, offices, test stations, maintenance departments, and many more.

Whatever you’re lifting, leveling or transporting, there is a Dandy Lift™ to suit your needs.

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