Airolift Manipulators

Material Handling Manipulators

Handling Concepts, in partnership with AiroLift Lifting Systems, offers a diverse product line of ergonomic material handling and manipulating systems. Our industrial manipulators give operators the ability to clamp or vacuum onto parts and then lift, rotate, and/or upend the parts smoothly and effortlessly to help make your process quicker and safer. Check out our Video Gallery for real-life applications and examples.

We have successfully designed and built manipulators in a multitude of industries and applications, including:

  • Large Glass Sheets and Windows
  • Truck Hoods and Doors
  • Jeep Tops
  • Ceramic Molds for Aerospace Industry
  • Roll Handling
  • Drum and Pail Handling
  • Large Cheese Blocks
  • High Temperature Metal Components


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          Sheet Handling Manipulators                                 Box Manipulators








          Glass Handling Manipulators                              Drum and Pail Manipulators








           Roll Handling Manipulators                     Manipulators for Food Applications








Manipulators for Cylindrical Objects            Manipulators for Unique Products










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