PalletPal Pallet Level Loaders for Hand Pallet Trucks

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PalletPal® Pallet Level Loaders for Hand Pallet Trucks

PalletPal® Roll-In™ Pallet Level Loader

A unique low-profile design allows the Roll-In™ to be fed with an ordinary hand pallet truck. Simply pick up the palletized load (on any type of open bottom pallet or skid), raise the pallet truck and roll the load into position. The pallet moves over the Roll-In while the pallet truck rolls in between the outside platform and center support beam. The load is uniformly positioned and the pallet truck can be lowered and rolled out of the way.
Workers can access loads from all four sides with minimum reach over. A convenient foot switch control allows for hands-free positioning of loads, and a full perimeter toe guard provides an added measure of safety.

PalletPal® Roll-On™ Pallet Level Loader

With internal hydraulic power, PalletPal® Roll-On™ Level Loaders lower to floor height so pallets can be rolled on and off with a hand pallet truck. The lift is then easily adjusted by pushbutton or foot switch control to maintain an ideal height for manual loading and unloading. The narrow side and back panels provide easy reachover for four sided-access.

One Touch Auto Leveling allows the operator to "dial-in" the exact increment of travel for loading or unloading. It will also return the platform to full height (or to fully lowered position) at the touch of a button.

PalletPal® Roll-On™ Pallet Level Loader with Turntable

The Roll-On with Turntable is specifically designed to improve the efficiencies at any work station having to position pallets for loading or unloading. It features a built-in, hand pallet truck accessible 360° turntable. Workers can spin the pallet so they are always loading and unloading on the nearside. This level loader puts the top of the load at the most ergonomically suitable height for the worker, and the manual turntable feature virtually eliminates reach over -- a major cause of lower back strain and injury.
Ramp can be removed to facilitate relocation throughout the plant.

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