Southworth Scissor Lift Advantages

What makes the Southworth scissor lift better than other lift tables?

Lifting heavy objects on a plant floor can be an extremely hazardous task. And when the need to lift people arises, it can become precarious if the right equipment isn’t being utilized.

This is why Southworth scissor lift tables are used across the globe for pallet loading, machine feeding, work positioning, order picking, assembly and much more. In fact, this type of ergonomically designed lift table is the most commonly used adjustable table in the world.

There’s a reason so many rely on Southworth lift tables to get the job done right. It all lies with the five simple yet powerful parts that make up a Southworth scissor lift.

Adjustable Lift Table Platform

The Southworth scissor lift is all about convenience and ease. With four-sided accessibility and an ergonomic comfort edge, it can take on a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. In fact, Southworth’s Backsaver series of hydraulic lift tables has over a million possible configurations. Not limited by capacity, the Southworth scissor lift is able to elevate individuals and items of massive weight by up to 50 feet. This allows utilization of your warehouse’s vertical space that was completely inaccessible before.

Keep in mind that lifts used solely for transporting products will not feature a railing. If your lifts are going to be holding people, they must have a safeguard intact to prevent falls.

Sturdy Lift Table Base

A Southworth lift table features a tough, rigid metal base. This base (often made of iron) houses a track system for the rollers on the bottom of the scissor legs to travel upon. This reliable track allows for a steady lift and descent, securing the load or employee. The base size can vary depending on your model size.

Elevation-Changing Scissor Legs

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has reported that one of the leading safety issues facing manufacturers today is lower back pain and injuries caused by manual lifting. And to further cement this point, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that injuries from overexertion can result in an average of eight days of workers compensation. Overexertion, in terms of manufacturing, can mean the repetitive and awkward lifting of parts or heavy loads.

The legs of a scissor lift are designed to allow the lift table platform to rise as they contract and descend as they spread. The scissor legs are the only portion of the lift that moves. This construction was created for vertical lifting and work positioning, ultimately eliminating the need for manual lifting. The Southworth scissor lift thus improves productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries.

Low-Pressure Hydraulics

Depending on your Southworth scissor lift model, your unit will contain anywhere from one to four cylinders of hydraulic fluid. This low-pressure hydraulic system allows Southworth industrial lift tables to raise and lower safely.

Most cylinders are non-adjustable and are typically designed to provide a speed of descent identical to the speed of ascent. If you’re looking for a speedier unit, the Southworth Hydraulic Lift Table allows for fast raising and lowering, as well as a fully adjustable down speed.

Easily-Accessible Power Source

While the hydraulic cylinders provide the majority of the juice to the scissor lift, they’re pretty much useless without something to power them. Power is typically supplied by an electric motor; however, a high-pressure, industrial air compressor can also be used. Depending on the unit, the power source will either feature a self-contained motor, a remote power pack or an easily accessible bolt-on power unit. Wire-braided hoses were also designed to give the scissor lift maximum burst strength and longevity. This equates to years of trouble-free service.

Boost Productivity and Safety with a Southworth Scissor Lift

With its simple and durable design, the Southworth scissor lift offers dependable capacity and ergonomic features to meet the needs of any project or application. Browse Handling Concepts’ wide selection of scissor lift tables, heavy-duty lift tables and drum handling equipment. Have a question or need more information? Reach out to our material handling experts for help. We’ll find the perfect lift table to accommodate both your task and budget.

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