Wide Base Tandem Lift Tables - LST Series

Tandem Lift Tables Built for Wide Loads

Choose between a variety of LST Series Wide Base Tandem Lift Tables by Southworth. These tandem lifts come equipped with platforms ranging from the smallest standard platform length of 96 inches to the largest maximum platform length of up to 204 inches long. This makes these LST Series lift tables perfect for a variety of loading applications involving bar stock, pipes, lumber, sheets, and other material assemblies with significant length. 

LST10-60W Lift Table LST10-60W
Starting at $18,395.00
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LST12-36W Lift Table LST12-36W
Starting at $12,570.00
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Starting at $15,470.00
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Starting at $18,830.00
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Starting at $8,165.00
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Starting at $12,180.00
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Starting at $14,310.00
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Starting at $10,145.00
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Starting at $13,230.00
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LST8-60W Lift Table
Starting at $16,760.00
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Southworth Tandem Lift Tables Features

These Southworth LST Series Wide Base Tandem Lift Tables feature standard platform sizes of 36 inches, 48 inches, or 54 inches in width. We also have maximum platform sizes available that include 60-inch, 72-inch, and 84-inch wide platforms. You can lift loads to a raised height of 42.75" to 70" high and lower to resting heights of 6.75" to 10" depending on the tandem lift table model. Each of these Wide Base Tandem Lifts use hydraulic lifting for a low collapsed height and to allow for high capacity raising. Let our lifting equipment help improve the efficiency of your workplace today!

Wide Tandem Lift Table Features Include:

  • Capacities ranging from 2 - 6 tons!
  • Platform lengths over 14’ available!
  • Lifting heights up to 70”
  • Hydraulic lifting power
  • Shipping weights ranging from 1150 - 1950 lb.
  • High capacity / low collapsed height
  • Supports load up to 7’ x 17’
  • Available in both extra long and extra wide configurations
  • Great for feeding tables, tube welders, panel saws, bundling, and more!