PalletPal 360 Spring-Actuated Pallet Level Loader 4500 Lbs. Capacity
PalletPal 360 Spring-Actuated Pallet Level Loader 4500 Lbs. Capacity, 28" Raised Height, 9-1/2" Lowered Height, 43-5/8" Turntable Diameter


PalletPal® Pallet Level Loaders


Load and Unload Pallets the Faster, Safer and Easier Way


Loading and unloading pallets is a time consuming, back breaking job that can lead to excess worker fatigue or even injury. PalletPal® Level Loaders make the work faster, safer and easier. They position pallets at a comfortable working height virtually eliminating bending, reaching and stretching when building or breaking down pallet loads. Turntable equipped units allow users to spin the load so they are always working on the near side. This eliminates the need for walking around pallets while carrying heavy loads and removing the potential for trip and fall accidents.


PalletPal® 360 Fully Automatic Spring-Actuated
Ideal for Most Applications


With inherent stability and no power sources or connections, the fully automated mechanical PalletPal® 360 is virtually maintenance-free. The turntable is easily rotated even when fully loaded and allows for nearside loading and unloading without walking around the unit. Exclusive PalletPal® base design keeps all components within the diameter of the turntable ring offering workers complete 360° access to loads with no reach-over zones.

PalletPal 360 Spring-Actuated Pallet Level Loader 4500 Lbs. Capacity

  • Specifications:

    Capacity: 4500 Lbs.
    Lowered Height: 9-1/2"
    Raised Height: 28"
    Turntable Diameter: 43-5/8"

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