Portable Drum Roller, 500 lbs liquid load, 300 lbs dry load. explosion-proof 1-phase 50hz motor, controls sold separately. 16 rpm

SKU: 201/20-E1-50

Capacity 500 lbs liquid load, 300 lbs dry load
Operation 1-Phase Motor, Explosion Proof
Speed 16 rpm

Portable Drum Mixer to roll a 210 liter (55-gallon) drum on its side at 16 RPM to mix drum contents
RPM is based on 57.15 cm (22.5") diameter drum

Model 201/20-E1-50 is powered by a 1/2 HP, Explosion-Proof, single-phase 110/220V 50Hz electric motor
Explosion Proof motors are rated for Class I Group D, and Class II Groups F and G
ONLY for use in country with 50Hz power supply
Ships without switch, cord and plug. Electrician to install according to local codes and customer's preference.

IMPORTANT: OSHA Requires enclosure with interlock to automatically turn off machine if enclosure is opened.
Enclosure and Interlock Kit is sold separately.

  • Maximum ambient operating temperature: 60oC (140oF)
  • Roll steel drum with 15 to 71 cm (6" to 28") diameter, and up to 96.5 cm (38") tall
  • Tipping lever will ONLY engage a drum 76.2 cm (30") or taller
  • Capacity:
    • 227 kg (500 Lb.) with Liquid load in drum
    • 136 kg (300 Lb.) with Dry load in drum
    A shifting dry load exerts greater stress on the drum rotator than the fluid motion of a liquid load