Tilt-to-Load Drum Tumbler Floor Level Upright Loading. 800 Lbs. Capacity 1-Phase Motor, Explosion Proof 220V variable speed 4-16 rpm

SKU: 310-e1-50

Capacity 800 Lbs.
Operation 1-Phase Motor, Explosion Proof
Voltage 220V
Speed variable speed 4-16 rpm
Ship width (in.) 42
Ship Height (in.) 47
Weight 1000
Ship Class 150
Ship by (T - Truck, U - UPS, F - Fedex) T

Morse Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers rotate a drum "corner-over-corner" to vigorously mix contents.

Save time, labor and money!

  • Incorporate valuable ingredients
  • Remix stratified layers or sediment
  • Eliminate worker exposure exposure
  • Reduce cleanup and risk of contamination

Egonomic Drum Mixing

  1. LOAD AN UPRIGHT DRUM AT FLOOR LEVEL with a drum hand truck, or with your crane and a Morse below-hook drum lifter
  2. Secure drum in holder with two top clamps and web strap around drum
  3. Turn motor on to activate barrel tumbler hydraulics
  4. Power Tilt drum with RAISE control valve
  5. Begin drum rotation with ROTATE control valve

Model 310-E1-50 is powered by an Explosion-Proof 2 HP 1-phase 220V 50Hz electric motor.
ONLY for use in country with 50Hz power supply.
Explosion Proof motor is rated for Class I Group D, and Class II Groups F and G.
Morse AC Control Package is sold separately.

IMPORTANT: OSHA, CSA, EU, etc. Require enclosure with interlock to automatically turn off machine if enclosure is opened.
Enclosure and Interlock Kit is sold separately.


  • Tumble a plastic, steel or fiber drum at 4 to 16 RPM
  • Mix products inside a closed drum
    • 74 to 94 cm (29" to 37") tall
    • 46 to 60 cm (18" to 23.5") in diameter
    • Typical 114 to 210 liter (30 to 55 gallon) size drum
  • Capacity:
    • 363 kg (800 Lb.) Full drum
    • 181 kg (400 Lb.) Half-full drum
  • Half-full capacity is an indication of the capacity for tilting an unbalanced, bottom-heavy drum. A partially full drum with an unbalanced and shifting load is harder to tilt than a full drum.

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