Hydra-Lift Drum Roller, 1000 lbs liquid load, 400 lbs dry load. explosion-proof 3-phase 230/400v 50hz, controls sold separately. variable speed 4-16 rpm

SKU: 456-E3-50

Capacity 1000 lbs liquid load, 400 lbs dry load
Operation 3-Phase Motor, Explosion Proof
Speed variable speed 4-16 rpm
Ship width (in.) 38
Ship Height (in.) 41
Weight 640
Ship Class 70
Ship by (T - Truck, U - UPS, F - Fedex) T

Hydra-Lift Drum Roller to gently mix drum contents
Model 456-E3-50 has 1HP Explosion-Proof 3-phase 230/400V 50Hz electric motor
AC Controls sold separately

Load upright drum at floor level with drum truck or crane with drum lifter
Hydraulic Power Tilt drum onto roller wheels
Roll drum on its side at 4 to 16 RPM
RPM is based on 57.15 cm (22.5") diameter drum

IMPORTANT: OSHA, CSA, EU, etc. require enclosure with interlock to automatically turn off machine if enclosure is opened.
Enclosure and Interlock Kit is sold separately.

  • Maximum ambient operating temperature: 54oC (130oF)
  • Roll steel drum with 15 to 66 cm (6" to 26") diameter, and maximum 102 cm (40") length
  • Capacity:
    • 454 kg (1000 Lb.) Liquid load in drum
    • 181 kg (400 Lb.) Dry load in drum
      A shifting dry load exerts greater stress on the drum rotator than the fluid motion of a liquid load.