1000 Lbs. Capacity, 10 ft. Lift, 42 Lbs. Pull to lift load, 10.2" Min. Headroom, CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist

SKU: CX005

Lift (ft.) 10
Min. Headroom (in.) 10.2
Manufacturer Harrington
Pull to Lift Load (lbs.) 42
Load Chain Diameter (mm.) x Chain Fall Lines 4.3 x 1
Shipping Weight Approx. (lbs.) 10.6
Weight for Add'l One Foot of Lift (lbs.) 0.6
Overhaul Ratio 43
Capacity 1000

CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist

Harrington's CX mini hand chain hoist is the world's smallest industrial hoist. This uniquely compact and lightweight hoist is the perfect choice for jobs with light loads in high or difficult to reach places such as duct installation, plumbing and heating, home automobile maintenance and crane repair.

Many Benefits from More Features:

  • Unique design is extremely compact and lightweight
  • Aluminum body with steel frame provides superior strength.
  • Load limiter prevents the hoist from being used to lift damaging loads beyond rated capacity.
  • Very low force is required to lift load.
  • Metal chain guide allows smooth operation.
  • Effortless to transport, install and store.

Capabilities to Count On:

  • Grade 100, nickel-plated load chain is corrosion and wear resistant.
  • Strong hook latches include safety tip.
  • Test certificate verifies that every hoist has been factory load tested to 125% of rated capacity in accordance with ASME B30.16 requirements.