GT Trolley 16000 Lbs. Capacity, 118.1" Min. Radius Curve, 5.50 to 8.66 inch Flange Width Adjustability

SKU: GT080

Capacity 16000 Lbs.
Minimum Radius Curve (in.) 118.1
Flange Width (in.) 5.50 to 8.66
Manufacturer Harrington

PT Push Trolley and GT Geared Trolley

Push trolley capacities from 1/2 through 10 Ton
Geared trolley capacities from 1/2 through 20 Ton

Harrington push and geared trolleys help you maneuver easily on your most demanding lifting operations. They feature specially designed contoured wheels that ensure reliable tracking, and their sealed ball bearings avoid maintenance hassles and provide smooth operation.

Many Benefits from More Features:

  • Get sure trolley tracking with specially designed contoured wheels that fit both tapered and flat-flange beams.
  • Maintenance-free, sealed precision ball bearings are lubed-for-life and offer smooth movement, with low friction and long life.
  • Get strength and rigidity from a lightweight, compact design.
  • Easily adjust trolley to fit a wide variety of beam flange widths.
  • Load equalizing suspension distributes the load to all wheels.
  • Wide standard flange ranges reduce the need for optional extended shaft kits.
  • Match the needs of the job with a variety of trolley hoist suspenders.

Capabilities to Count On:

  • Use the economical PT for applications involving longer traversing distances.
  • Use the GT for precise load control and shorter traversing distances.
  • 1/2 through 3 Ton are supplied with Suspender C, which is suitable for most applications.