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LS8-36 Lift Table

SKU: LS8-36

LS6-84 Lift Table for Industrial Settings

The LS6-84 Lift Table is part of the Southworth LS Series of Lift Tables used in a wide variety of assembly, repair, and manufacturing applications. Each durable LS6-84 Lift Table can also be used for machine feeding, pallet loading, work positioning, order picking, and a vast range of other jobs with a load of 6,000 pounds or less.

LS6-84 Lift Table Platform and Lifting

The versatile LS6-84 Lift Table can be raised to a height of 98" from its base lowered height of 14" above the ground. The LS6-84 runs with a voltage of 460/3/60 and lifts loads on two different platform options. For most applications, the standard 30" x 120" can help you get the job done. If you need additional load space, the maximum platform of 60" x 156" is also a viable option.

LS6-84 Lift Tables and Material Handling Equipment

The LS6-84 Lift Table is just one of our many lift tables available in our online store. Check out our other LS Series Backsaver Lift Tables, DL Series Heavy Duty Lift Tables, and more today! Handling Concepts is your source for material handling and safety equipment to help improve every aspect of your job site. Browse our listings today or call us at 330-645-9966 to find the right equipment for your work environment!

  • Capacity (lbs.) : 8000
  • Raised Height (in.) : 45"
  • Lowered Height (in.) :  9"
  • Standard Platform (in.) : 30" x 60"
  • Maximum Platform (in.) : 54" x 84"
  • Voltage : 460/3/60
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