LS10-36W Lift Table 10,000 Lbs. Capacity 46" Raised Height 42" x 60" Standard Platform

SKU: LS10-36W

Capacity (lbs) 10000
Raised Height 46"
Lowered Height 10"
Standard Platform 42" x 60"
Maximum Platform(Oversized) 66" x 84"
Voltage 460/3/60
LS Series Backsaver Lifts are available in many basic sizes and capacities to lift and position loads up to 10,000 lbs. and heights to 46".

Quality Features for Reliabilty and Long Life

Contoured Legs
With extra width at the pivot point, Southworth’s contoured legs combine great strength with lower collapsed height.

Lubricated-for-Life Bushings
All pivot points have hardened pins that operate in lubricated-for life, virtually maintenance free bushings.

Heavy-Duty Hoses
All Southworth lifts have heavy-duty hoses with burst strength 600% greater than the hydraulic operating pressure.

Oversize, Low-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders
Low operating pressure extends the life of hydraulic components. Chrome plated piston rods are corrosion resistant, and cylinder walls are honed.

Built-In Safety Chock
Prevents accidental lowering of table during maintenance.

Comfort Edge Design
No sharp corners on table top. Bright safety yellow stripe for high visibility.

Heavy-Duty Torque Tubes
Torque tubes minimize platform twisting and deflection for high degree of rigidity and stability.

Tell-Tale Return Hydraulic Fluid Line
Clear plastic return line from cylinder rod bearing to tank gives visual indication of need to repack cylinder and prevents fluid spillage in the event of a bypass.

Adjustable Flow Control
Pressure compensated flow control valve with lock out. Preset and locked at 10 F.P.M. maximum lowering speed per ANSI Standard, MH29.1 where applicable.

Wear Indicating Rollers and Roller Retainers
Rollers are captured in the base by means of retainers to prevent accidental separation or misalignment. All oversized width tabletops also include an upper set of retainers.

Southworth Scissors Lifts are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI MH29.1 Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts.