TCR Air Powered Hoist with Hook Suspension 2000 Lbs. Capacity Cord Model 18.3" Min. Headroom, 10 ft. Lift


Capacity 2000 Lbs.
Min. Headroom (in.) 18.3
Lift (ft.) 10
Load Chain Diameter (mm.) x Chain Fall Lines 7.1 x 1

Harrington's TCR Series air hoists offer the benefit of lifting heavier loads while maintaining low headroom and a continuous duty cycle. These hoists are best suited for use in foundries, assembly lines, construction sites and many other demanding applications.

Features and Benefits

Unlimited Duty Cycle
For continuous operation

Spring-Loaded Multi-Vane Motor Design
Permits very fine feathering control

High Strength Cast Iron Housing
Proven weather resistant and durable in harsh environments

Airtight Hoist
Results in efficient use of air

Comfortable Noise Levels
External muffler reduces noise level to 80dBA @ 1 yd. with no load

Heavy Duty Self-Adjusting Brake
For precise braking action

Standard Upper & Lower Limit Stops
Prevents over-travel of hook in either direction

Overload Limiter
Adjustable load limiter detects overload automatically and blocks air flow for lifting

Wear Resistant Load Chain
Grade 80, case-hardened for superior strength