TCR Air Powered Hoist with Air Powered, Push and Geared Trolleys 1000 Lbs. Capacity Pendant Model 19.3" Min. Headroom, 10 ft. Lift


Capacity 1000 Lbs.
Min. Headroom (in.) 19.3
Lift (ft.) 10
Load Chain Diameter (mm.) x Chain Fall Lines 6.3 x 1
Manufacturer Harrington

Harrington's TCR hoists will couple with our air powered, push or geared trolleys for added mobility. The MCR air powered trolley is the ideal choice for transporting medium to heavy loads in construction and foundry applications. The economical PT or GT manual trolleys are perfect for lighter, infrequent moves and in small workshops.

Features and Benefits

Air Powered Trolleys

Unlimited Duty Cycle
For continuous operation

Spring-Loaded Multi-Vane Motor Design
Permits smooth operation and controlled travel

High Strength Cast Iron Housing
Proven weather resistant and durable in harsh environments

Internal Disc Brake
Protected from harsh environments

Drop Stops & Rubber Bumpers
To ensure safe operation

Side Guide Rollers
Provide additional stability and smooth travel

Versatile Wheels
Fit flat or tapered beam flange

Trolley Muffler
Produces low noise levels

Manual Trolleys

Standard shafts fit wide range of beams Longer shafts available for larger beams Spacers for easy adjustments

All steel sealed ball bearings fit flat or tapered beam flange