TCS CHEETAH Air Powered Hoist 1000 Lbs. Capacity Cord Model, 56 / 112 Up/Down Speed at Full Load, 10 ft. Lift, 1 Chain Fall Line, 16.3" Min. Headroom


Capacity 1000 Lbs.
Lift (ft.) 10
Min. Headroom (in.) 16.3
Speed FPM (under full load)Lift/Lower 56 / 112
Load Chain Diameter (mm.) x Chain Fall Lines 6.3 x 1
Manufacturer Harrington

TCS CHEETAH Air Powered Hoists with Pendant and Cord Controls and Hook Suspension

TCS CHEETAH air hoists have extremely fast and uniquely adjustable lifting and lowering speeds. These hoists are lightweight, compact and have outstanding feathering ability making them a perfect fit for fastpaced assembly line and workstation crane applications.

Features and Benefits

Unlimited Duty Cycle
For continuous operation

Spring-Loaded Multi-Vane Motor Design
Permits very fine feathering control

Extremely Fast Lifting
For applications where speed is critical Extremely Compact & Lightweight Body Cast aluminum body allows for easy operation, transportation and storage

External Speed Adjustment Screw
No tools required to set specific speeds

Adjustable Lifting and Lowering Speeds
Increases production capabilities

Heavy-duty Disc Motor Brake System
For reliable load support

Low Noise Levels
Adds to operator comfort

Nickel Plated Load Chain
Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and wear

Standard Hoist Specifications

Capacity Range
1/4 – 1 Ton

Standard Lift
10' (longer lifts available)

Standard Pendant or Cord Length
Hangs approximately 4' above the hoist's fully extended bottom hook  (longer lengths available)

Air Supply Requirement
60 – 90 psi

Air Lubrication Requirement
Minimum 10 to 15 drops of oil per minute (0.2 – 0.3 cc/min.)

Air Filtration
Maximum 5 micron air filter or finer required

Air Inlet Port
1/2" NPT

Air Supply Hose Minimum Size

Temperature Range
+14° – 140° F

Chain Containers
Optional Canvas or Steel