2 Ton, 16 FPM Lift Speed TNER Series Theatrical Chain Hoist


Lift (ft.) 10
Capacity 4000
Hoist Lifting Speed (FPM) Min/Max 16
Min. Headroom (in.) 22.8
Load Chain Diameter (mm.) x Chain Fall Lines 8.0 x 2
Manufacturer Harrington

TNER Series Theatrical Chain Hoists

Harrington's TNER Series theatrical chain hoists were designed using the latest technology for handling stage and theatrical equipment. These high quality, low-headroom, full-featured hoists provide reliable performance for use in theaters, concert halls, arenas and studios.


Hoist exceeds stringent world standards; complies with German regulation BGV-D8. Standard configuration meets CE Declaration.

Pull-Rotor Motor Brake
World’s most reliable theatrical hoist brake. Simple design. No brake coil to fail or brake disc to replace. 5 year hoist brake warranty.

Unique Chain Guide
Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain into hoist and chain container. Durable, heavy cast iron construction.

Sleek Rounded Body
Rugged aluminum housing; no sharp edges and flexible soft-grip handles.

Plug and Play Voltage Changer
Quickly change between 208/230V and 460V. Saves valuable time during setup and integration.

Low Profile Upper/Lower Limit Switches
No adjustment required. Protects hoist and provides maximum travel.

Size and Speed
Designed to fit standard road cases. 1/2 and 1 Ton—16 fpm; 2 Ton—8 fpm.

Grease-Packed Gearbox
For demanding theatrical applications. Maintenance free. No oil changes required.

Nickel-Plated Load Chain
Meets DIN and EN 818-7 standards. Optional black chain available.

Friction Clutch
Carbon friction material provides consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

Chain Container
Reversible black canvas chain container needed to meet BGV-D8 regulations. Also designed with two secure attachment points.

Optional Pendant Control (Pickle)
Red button emergency stop. Nema 4X, UL/cUL (CSA) listed.