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Wire Partitions and Enclosures


Tool Cribs and Secure Storage Enclosures

Safeguard inventory, tools, equipment, company records and documents

with a wire mesh enclosure.

Easy to install and economical, wire mesh partitions allow you to quickly

set up a  protected space exactly where you need it.

The modular nut-and-bolt design and stock panels only require standard hand tools for assembly.


Machine Guarding Partitions

Protect employees and visitors from danger when near automated equipment like robots, moving machinery, conveyors etc.

These partitions are a strong and economical solution to plant safety requirements.

Workspace-Division-Sheet Metal-Lexan-Partitions

Workspace Division
Sheet Metal/Lexan Partitions

Total privacy or complete transparency, sheet metal and Lexan partitions offer the same trusted protection as wire mesh enclosures, but with added versatility. Sheet metal and Lexan panels can be arranged in any combination for functional workspace that meets your exact needs. Use sheet metal and Lexan partitions to divide and secure large areas in your plant, warehouse or office building.


DEA Drug Storage Cages

DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) drug storage cages provide safe and tamper-proof storage and protection enclosures of Schedule III through Schedule IV controlled substances.
They are ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical processing companies, medical facilities, drug warehouses, records storage and more.


Sheet Metal Partitions

Sheet metal partitions are ideal for creating any kind of private or

separated area. Protect your employees, customers and visitors

from dangerous work zones.

Segregate automated machinery, enclose welding areas, or guard robotics equipment. They can also be used to create confidential storage space.

Set up a fully-enclosed storage room and limit access to sensitive documents and other materials.


Pallet Rack Backing Guards

Form a sturdy wall of protection between your employees and your inventory with wire mesh rack guards.

Rigid and resilient, these rack guards bolt directly to pallet racking uprights, effectively placing a barrier between stored materials and the picking aisles below.

Your workers will remain safe from falling debris should a forklift bump the racking or if a pallet breaks.


Rack Gates

Sliding rack gates are the solution for securing your racking bays without limiting accessibility. Protect high value inventory, prevent theft, and contain pallet spills. Mounted on a galvanized steel top track with heavy-duty galvanized trolleys, rack gates are built strong for serious industrial applications. The fully-suspended design does not require any bottom track. This allows for unobstructed access when using forklifts, pallet jacks and other in-plant vehicles. Rack gates are framed in structural angle and reinforced with tubing on both sides for superior rigidity.


Mobile Safety Barrier Partitions

When you need a temporary security barrier fast, these freestanding modular panels arrive ready to assemble without the need for specialized tools or equipment. Installation is quick and easy.
Use mobile partitions to divide workspace, define pedestrian walkways or enclose machinery for repairs. Structurally framed welded wire mesh panels create a strong physical barrier between workers and potential hazards.

Guardrails and Rack Protection


Heavy-Duty Guardrails

Structurally solid and impact-resistant, our heavy-duty guardrail provides serious protection against

collision accidents


Rack Aisle Protectors

Effective protection close to the ground, rack aisle protectors shield sensitive rack-aisle-ends from warehouse traffic



Sturdy and functional,

security bollards protect your

workspace inside and out

from collision damage


Rack Post Protectors

Easy-to-install and economical,

safeguard vulnerable racking uprights with rack post protectors


Pedestrian Barriers

Control high-traffic areas and

create safe walkways for your employees and visitors with

pedestrian safety barriers


Floor Angle Guides

Keep traffic away from critical rack supports, pallet flow rails, walls, offices, storage partitions and other work areas

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