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Ergonomic  Material Handling 

AirOLIft Ergonomic Material Handling Devices

Handling Concepts, in partnership with AiroLift™ Lifting Systems, offers a diverse product line of ergonomic material handling and manipulating systems.

Our industrial manipulators give operators the ability to clamp or vacuum onto parts and then lift, rotate, and/or upend the parts smoothly and effortlessly to help make your process quicker and safer.

We have successfully designed and built manipulators in a multitude of industries and applications, including:

  • Large Glass Sheets and Windows

  • Vehicle Tops, Hoods and Doors

  • Wheel and Tire Manipulators

  • Ceramic Molds for Aerospace Industry

  • Roll Handling

  • Drum and Pail Handling

  • Large Crates and Boxes

  • High Temperature Metal Components

AiroLift™ Lifting Systems can be designed to lift and manipulate objects weighing 30 lbs to 1200 lbs made from almost any type of material. AiroLift™ can even be used in food grade wash down and clean-room environments as well as production process situations and high temperature environments.

Manipulator System Features
Each manipulator system features a full 360° rotation ball bearing mounted top swivel, so your air lines will never tangle. All pneumatic logic controls are housed safely under a protective bellows, located for easy maintenance and a clean, dust free environment. The pneumatic logic is great for long term, low maintenance operation, keeping operating costs very low and eliminating the need to run costly electrical connections. All AiroLift™ units run off of clean, dry shop air and have low SCFM requirements and low dB levels.

Manipulators Comply with OHSA and NIOSH Standards
AiroLift™ manipulators comply with the recommended OSHA and NIOSH standards, features catastrophic air loss protection, and sensors that prevent a load from being released until it has been placed. Contact us for more information about Handling Concepts and AiroLift™ Lifting Systems! We're excited to help solve your material handling needs with our extensive line of handling and lifting equipment!

For more information, call us at 800-575-4835 or
AirOLift Manipulator
Manipulators for Cylindrical Objects

Manipulators for

Cylindrical Objects

Roll Handling Manipulators

Roll Handling


Sheet Handling




Glass Handling


Drum and Pail


Manipulators for Unique Products

Manipulators for

Food Applications

Manipulators for

Unique Products

Sheet Handling Manipulators
Box Manipulators
Glass Handling Manipulators
Drum and Pail Manipulators
Manipulators for Food Applications
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