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Providing Material Handling Equipment & Solutions Since 1994

Handling Concepts is a full service material handling and safety equipment company.

We provide equipment and solutions for applications in nearly every industry. Our well-developed relationships with quality manufacturers paired with our custom fabrication and installation services give us the unique ability to partner with you and solve your most difficult material handling problems.
We can help reduce your operating costs, increase your profitability, grow your business and promote ergonomic workplace safety.
Contact us today for more information, a quote or a free on-site consultation.

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Lifting Equipment

A single operator has the ability to clamp or vacuum onto large or multiple parts and then lift, rotate, and/or upend the parts effortlessly.

Vacuum Lifters

From miniature vacuum cups to heavy-duty vacuum lifting systems, we offer a wide range of vacuum lifters for numerous applications.

Mezzanine Systems

Increase your useable capacity fast – without costly renovations or moving to a new facility – with a structural steel mezzanine.

Modular Offices and Buildings
Modular Offices
and Buildings

Handling Concepts can help you add valuable space to your facility at a much lower cost and faster installation than on-site construction.

Wire Partitions
and Enclosures

Wire partitions and enclosures are the ideal solution for safeguarding inventory, equipment, employees and visitors from loss and injury.

Hoists and Trolleys
and Trolleys

We can help you choose the right hoist & trolley system for your process application. Lifting capacities from 1/16 to 100 tons.

Pallet Stackers

We can provide you with high capacity forklift stackers for open bottom pallets or straddle stackers for closed bottom pallets.

Crane Systems

We can help you choose the right

crane system for any light-duty application or demanding industrial process.

Drum Handling Equipment
Drum Handling

We can provide a wide selection of ergonomic barrel and drum handling equipment to lift, move, mix and pour drums safely and efficiently.

Conveyor Systems

From basic gravity conveyor lines to fully automated conveyor systems, we can provide full turn-key solutions for every application.

Pallet and
Flow Racking

From standard pallet racking to automated storage & retrieval systems, we can help you design and install the most efficient solution.

Ergonomic PalletPal Pallet Level Loaders
Ergonomic PalletPal®
Pallet Level Loaders

Work faster, safer and easier by positioning pallets at a comfortable working height eliminating bending, reaching and stretching.

E-Z Reach Container Tilters
E-Z Reach™
Container Tilters

Improve productivity and safety by positioning baskets so that parts are easily accessible without bending, stretching, or reaching.

Ergonomic Lift Tables
Lift Tables

Rugged and reliable machines for machine feeding, work positioning, order picking, pallet loading and a wide range of other applications.

Storage Cabinets and Workstations
Storage Cabinets
and Workstations

Keep all your tools, equipment and parts organized with our Storage Cabinets, Shelving and Workstations in any industry.

Fall Protection Systems
Fall Protection

Our selection of fall protection systems include both mobile overhead systems for portability as well as permanent overhead systems.


Structural steel cantilever racking is an ideal storage solution for a wide range of materials like piping, bar stock, sheeting, lumber and more.

Ergonomic Hand Truck PalletPal Pallet Level Loaders
Ergonomic Hand Truck
PalletPal® Pallet Level Loaders

Increase the amount of goods that can be shipped or received every day with these hand truck roll on pallet loaders.

Dandy Lift Lifter Transporters
Dandy Lift™
Lifter / Transporters

These inexpensive lifter / transporters make any job easier wherever there is a need for an adjustable height work surface.

Handling Concepts Inc. provides products from these quality manufacturers:

Coffing Hoists
Durham Mfg.
Southworth Products
Columbus McKinnon
Spanco Inc.
Wire Crafters
Rigid LifeLines
Panel Built
Omni Metalcraft
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