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Drum Handling Equipment


Handling Concepts, in partnership with Morse Drum Equipment, offers a complete selection of drum handling and pail handling equipment. Our drum handling equipment can help you transport, lift, dump, and pour all of your plastic, fiber, and steel drums, pails, and buckets.  

Proudly manufactured in the USA since 1923, Morse drum handling equipment is designed to streamline the handling process, ensuring the protection of both the contents within the drums and the safety of workers involved. Our drum handling equipment encompasses a wide range of products, including drum lifts, portable drum handlers, dollies, and tumblers, each tailored to your specific needs.

These products contribute significantly to workplace productivity by minimizing manual labor, reducing the risk of injuries, and ensuring precise control during tasks such as lifting, pouring, or transporting drums. As an integral component in material handling, drum handling equipment not only enhances operational efficiency but also adheres to industry regulations, making it an essential investment for businesses dealing with the movement of drums in diverse sectors.

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Morse Forklift Drum Handlers
Forklift Drum Handlers
  • Forklift attachment to lift and pour a drum

  • Forklift attachment to move upright drums

  • Forklift mounted drum racker

Morse Below-Hook Drum Handlers
Below-Hook Drum Handlers
  • Safely handle a drum with your overhead hoist

  • Lift, pour, or transport  drums in vertical or horizontal orientation

  • Motor-driven AC, Air Powered and Manual models

Morse Drum Palletizers
Drum Palletizers
  • Move a drum onto and off shipping pallets, spill containment pallets or a drum dolly

  • Lift and pour drums using the 82A series drum palletizers

Morse 5-Gallon Pail Handlers
5-Gallon Pail Handlers
  • Lift, move, and pour a 5-gallon pail or bucket

  • Tumblers to mix contents of 1 to 5 gallon pails

  • Below-Hook Pail Carriers and Lifters

  • Can Tippers and Pail Dollies

Morse Drum Trucks
Drum Trucks
  • Safely move and position drums in your facility

  • 4-Wheel Drum Trucks eliminate the need to support or balance the load

  • Economic two and three-wheel drum trucks available

Morse Drum Dollies
Drum Dollies
  • Move and position plastic, steel or fiber drums

  • Wide stance base with four 3" swivel casters

  • Square drum dollies have rounded corners turned up to hold drum in position

  • Spark Resistant and Stainless Steel models available

Morse Drum and Pail Tumblers
Drum and Pail Tumblers
  • Blend sediment and valuable ingredients into suspension

  • Eliminate contamination

  • Reduce clean-up and risk of worker exposure

Morse Drum Rollers
Drum Rollers
  • Drum Rollers mix right inside a sealed drum

  • Blend valuable ingredients back into suspension

  • Eliminate contamination. and reduce clean-up and risk of worker exposure

Morse Mobile Drum Handlers
Mobile Drum Handlers
  • Mobile Drum Handlers allow you to lift, move, and pour drums throughout your entire facility

  • Various lift and pour heights available

  • Scale-Equipped models available

Morse Drum Rackers
Drum Rackers
  • Safely rack drums and remove drums from racks.

  • Stop handling drums with forklift forks

  • Lift and rack a rimmed 55-gallon steel or plastic drum in horizontal position

Morse Drum Cradles
Drum Cradles
  • Move, position and dispense drums in your facility

  • Easy rock-over loading to move, position and dispense 15, 30 or 55-gallon drums

  • Models for various size drums

Morse Stainless Steel Mobile Drum Handlers
Stainless Steel Drum Handlers
  • Ideal for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

  • Wash down easily

  • Bead blast finished stainless steel surface

  • Welds are NOT ground smooth or polished

Morse Spark Resistant Drum Handlers
Spark Resistant Drum Handlers
  • Drum Handling Equipment with Spark Resistant Parts to reduce the risk of mechanical sparking in environments with flammable or explosive materials

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