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Modular Offices

Modular Offices and In-Plant Buildings add valuable space in your facility at a much lower cost and faster installation than

on-site construction.

Designed to your facility specifications, our pre-engineered systems are not only built to be installed more quickly, easily and inexpensively than traditional construction, but they are also more flexible as your business grows and are environmentally friendly.

In-plant Building
Modular Offices and In-Plant Buildings

When it comes to in-plant office projects, we handle projects of all types. From economical in-plant offices to multi-story in-plant complexes, we offer full turn-key solutions.  With our panelized in-plant design, we can offer fully custom layouts and designs. 

Multi-Level In-Plant Modular Building
In-Plant Modular Office
Full Glass Modular Office
Mezzanines with Modular Offices

As your company grows, so does the need for floor space and storage. Installing Steel Mezzanines in your facility can practically double your usable space.  This new level can provide you with more storage or office space, while leaving a minimal footprint on the floor below. By taking advantage of your unused vertical space, companies can reduce clutter and get the most out of their existing facility. 

Elevated Warehouse Modular Office Mezzanine
Mezzanine Over Modular Office
Modular Office Mezzanine
Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments

We can install modular cleanrooms in facilities that are used in biological and chemical research, data centers, medical and pharmaceutical processes and many manufacturing industries that produce high precision, uncontaminated products.

Modular Cleanroom
Cleanroom Changing Room
Modular Cleanroom Interior
Exterior Buildings, Booths & Shelters

These prefabricated buildings are constructed to your requirements and are delivered fully pre-assembled, in shippable sections, or in full knock down kits to your project site, ready for installation.

Prefabricated Security Booth
Prefabricated Control Booth
Prefabricated Exterior Booth
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