24000 Lbs. Capacity, Army Type, 30-3/8" Min. Headroom, 10 ft. Lift, 95 Lbs. Pull to lift load, Geared Trolley Hand Chain Hoist

SKU: 4553

Lift (ft.) 10
Reeving 6
Chain Pull to Lift Full Load (lbs.) 95
Min. Headroom (in.) 30.375
Minimum Radius Curve (in.) 96
Capacity 24000

Cyclone Army Type Trolley Hoist

Same quality and performance as the Cyclone in a compact, low headroom integral trolley mount. Ideal for applications requiring a moveable hoist including:

  • Rugged steel loadbars connected directly to hoist frame
  • Reduced headroom, side clearances and end approach for easy maneuvering of heavy loads in tight places
  • Standard Load Limiter automatic overload protection
  • Plain and geared trolley mounts in capacities from 1/4 to 12 tons
  • Universal tread trolley wheels for operation on sloped or flat flanged beams
  • Standard hand chain drop 2 feet less than lift (example: 8 foot lift hoist has 6 foot hand chain drop)
  • Chain containers, zinc-plated load and hand chain, aluminum unwelded hand chain, Latchlok hooks, bronze hooks, bullard hooks, larger beam trolleys, trolley guards, and units without Load Limiter optional, depending on capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Metric rated
  • Made in U.S.A.